Love a Cadet Poem

Boodles, Cookies, and More
Sending some treats to a son or a daughter
Contact Love A Cadet and just place an order,
Sending a boodle to a daughter or a son
Contact Love A Cadet and it will get done.
So many choices, there are oodles and oodles,
Baked and delivered, some include noodles.
Choose off of our lists, or mix and match,
Want homemade cookies, we’ll bake you a batch.
Needing a cake for a special event,
Make a request and we’ll have it sent.
Balloons and flowers in colorful bunches,
With love from your heart while cadet munches.
If your cadet has a cold with an a-choo,
We have the ideal box for you.
From Grandmas and Grandpas or for Nephews or Nieces,
Send them a boodle say “I love you to pieces”
We are truly concerned for your cadet,
Many of which we have already met.
So if you want a box done with heart,
Contact Love A Cadet, the choice that is smart.
A box filled with goodies, when you always care.
Need a boodle for a friend of family member,
Love A Cadet is the name to remember.